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Integrated development environment CubeSuite+ (Cube suite plus) offers the ultimate in simplicity, usability, and security for the repetitive editing, building and debugging that typifies software development. Easy to install and operate, CubeSuite+ offers a highly user-friendly development environment featuring significantly shorter build times and graphical debug functions. The robust lineup of expanded functions and user support functions ensures a dependable environment for all users.

CubeSuite+ bundles all the basic software necessary for Renesas MCU software development in one convenient package, ready to use immediately after initial installation. CubeSuite+ is also compatible with Renesas hardware tools, such as on-chip debugging emulator E1 (sold separately), facilitating advanced debugging.

CubeSuite+ can be used with the newly added RH850 family as well as the conventional MCUs, RL78 family, RX family, V850 family, 78K0R, and 78K0. Renesas will continue to expand the number of development tools supported by CubeSuite+, persistently making your development environment better and faster.

We offer evaluation editions of CubeSuite+. Use an evaluation edition of CubeSuite+ to get an idea of the suite's scope before starting full-scale development. For more information, please visit our web page for the evaluation editions of software tools. Note that simply entering the license key printed on a purchased compiler package upgrades an evaluation edition of CubeSuite+ to the commercial edition, so you don't have to re-install CubeSuite+ from scratch. For more information, click here.

Note: CubeSuite+ is not generally promoted in the U.S. and Europe. For customers in the U.S. and Europe who are interested in CubeSuite+, please contact our regional marketing departments for details.

CubeSuite+ System Image Software tools Emulators Compiler packages for the target products include CubeSuite+. Click here to refer to the package for each corresponding MCU. Combining a compatible emulator product with either edition of CubeSuite+ (commercial or evaluation) makes all types of debugging functions available.



[Install and go! No learning curve to worry about.]

Tutorials make getting started a breeze.
With the simple and helpful tutorials covering every step, from program creation to debugging, even users new to Renesas tools will effortlessly grasp CubeSuite+ functions in no time.
Customizable GUI and user-friendly features
CubeSuite+ user interface is intuitive and easy to follow, with the same operability applicable to every MCU, saving the developer time on each new project. The program windows can be customized by the user with docking, floating and auto-hiding, while menus and icon settings can be adjusted to meet each user's preferences.
Customizable GUI
Single-page configuration window
Detailed settings for all items are consolidated in a unified control property panel. Simply select a node from the project tree and the display switches to facilitate the convenient search and configuration of settings.
Single-page configuration window

[Complete Design Support]

Project tree based on MCU development flow
CubeSuite+ positions the project tree to match the flow of MCU development. This sophisticated function enables the user to simply click on a node to move to the desired task.
Project Tree
Simple Pin List Creation
Configure the processing of dual-use pins using the pin list while confirming pin layout in the pin configuration diagram. Handy features include pasting the pin configuration diagram in the design documents or outputting the pin list in an EXCEL file (may not be available for some MCUs).
Simple Pin List Creation
Device Driver Code Generation
CubeSuite+ is equipped with a "code generation function" that uses GUI settings to automatically generate a device driver program that controls MCU peripheral functions (timer, UART, A/D, etc.). User-friendly peripheral function setup facilitates smooth and problem-free program development, even when programming new MCUs (may not be available for some MCUs).
Code Generation

[Reduced Build Time]

Rapid build enables greatly reduced build time
Conventional development environments require the user to edit all source files first, and then execute a build for the entire program, resulting in a lengthy build time.
CubeSuite+ features a "Rapid Build" function that automatically runs the build function in the background each time a source file is changed or saved, greatly reducing overall build time.
Reduced Build
Action events eliminate the need for embedded debug printf
Conventionally, debugging generally included a method for displaying the value of predefined variables through an embedded printf function; requiring a build operation each time the printf function was embedded.
CubeSuite+ is equipped with the "action event function," for displaying variable values each time a program is executed at a specified address. Simply select the variable display function with a quick right click. Less time is eaten up by multiple build operations, greatly accelerating and enhancing the debug process.

[Graphical, convenient debugging]

Graph function clearly displays variable- and function-related information
The ability to display variable values during program execution or graphs like an oscilloscope makes it possible to develop programs while performing monitoring of analog variations, as is necessary for sensor applications and the like. You can display the ratios of execution times among functions or a call graph to track down the processing associated with high loads. This makes it possible to improve overall system performance in a very efficient manner.
Other analysis functions include a source code display for functions and variables, CSV output of information, and the ability to search for all occurrences of specific definitions or declarations. These capabilities simplify administration and management even when the program structure is comparatively large-scale and complex.
Graph Function
Repetitive tasks automated in script
CubeSuite+ embeds the "Python Console" function for automating repetitive operations executed before and after program download and after breaks; describing operations in the script enables the user to develop programs with greater ease and no operational mistakes.

[Secure resource management and application]

Batch back up
Worry-free software development even when your done! The CubeSuite+ "backup function" saves and restores tools and projects in one batch, enabling quick and easy storage and recovery of software developments in its completed state.

[Simple updating]

CubeSuite+ Update Manager
CubeSuite+ Update Manager checks via Internet if there are any updated resources available for each installed tool and downloads them accordingly to simplify the update process.


Target Devices

CubeSuite+ supports embedded application development for the following Renesas MCUs.

MCU Product Name Description
RL78 C Compiler and IDE for RL78/78K Family Compiler package for RL78 Family and 78K Family, including IDE (CubeSuite+), a simulator, etc..
RX C/C++ Compiler and IDE for RX Family Compiler package for RX Family, including IDE (CubeSuite+), a simulator, etc..
RH850 C Compiler and IDE for RH850 Family Compiler package for RH850 Family, including IDE (CubeSuite+), a simulator, etc..
V850 C Compiler and IDE for V850 Family Compiler package for V850 Family, including IDE (CubeSuite+), a simulator, etc..
78K0R C Compiler and IDE for RL78/78K Family Compiler package for RL78 Family and 78K Family, including IDE (CubeSuite+), a simulator, etc..
When ordering, please contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor.


For details, click HERE and refer to the latest list below.

Title Date updated File type
Functions Supported by CubeSuite+ Sep 1, 2014 PDF

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