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Among the several options that are available with regard to platforms for system LSI development, cell-based ICs are distinguished by their high customizability, which enables us to respond more flexibly to customer needs. In fact, we offer a variety of cell-based ICs to meet our customers' needs.

Advantages of Highly Customizable Solutions

Easier Implementation of Functions

Besides being able to mount various IP cores (digital and/or analog), there is more freedom in how pins are arranged, and clock control can be implemented in internal areas. Consequently, products can be customized (with more advanced functions or additional functions) to meet customer needs.

Better Support for Compact LSIs with low Power Consumption

Cell-based ICs use an abundance of cells that have been optimized in terms of operation speed, power consumption, and size. In addition, both low power consumption and compact size have been realized by devising a layout design and package technology that suit the customer's needs.

Cell-based IC Lineup Meets Market Needs

Our cell-based ICs are provided in a wide range of products spanning the design rule eras from 0.35µm to 40nm. Customers can select the product that best suits their applications.

Cell-Based IC's Line-up

Supporting High-Speed Operations

The CB-12 and CB-90 are cell-based ICs supporting high-speed operations.
These series include three types based on target characteristics, so that customers can select the optimum designs for their planned systems.
Products with optimum technology can be selected according to the desired type, power supply voltage, and operating frequency.

Supporting high-speed operations

Supporting Stable Operation

The CB-12 cell-based ICs are based on well-established process technology and are designed for systems that take advantage of their respective features.


This LSI achieves a maximum operation speed of 266 MHz.

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