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Product Overview:

On-chip peripheral functions essential to system configuration on this LSI include a floating point unit (FPU), large-capacity ROM and RAM, a direct memory access controller (DMAC), timers, an automotive direct memory access controller (A-DMAC), a Renesas serial peripheral interface (RSPI), an user break controller (UBC), an advanced timer unit III (ATU-III), a serial communications interface (SCI), a controller area network interface (RCAN-TL1), an A/D converter (ADC), an interrupt controller (INTC), and I/O ports.

Key Features:

  • SH2A-FPU intelligent RISC
    • Up to 200MHz, 3.3V/5.0V
    • SH2A-FPU instruction (112 instructions)
  • On-chip memory
    • ROM: 1.25MB to 2MB
    • RAM: 64KB to 96KB
  • Peripherals
    • Timer: CMT:2ch + ATU-III
    • A/D converter: 12bits, 32ch (23+9)
    • Serial: 3ch
    • DMAC: 8ch
    • RCAN-TL1: 2ch
    • RSPI: 2ch
    • A-DMAC: 58ch
    • I/O port: 112 (Max)
    • INTC (Interrupt controller): 5 external interrupt pins

Key Applications:

  • Automotive (powertrain control), agricultural equipment, construction equipment, generators, marine vessels, etc.


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