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Product Overview:

The H8/38086R Group comprises 16-bit single-chip microcomputers made up of the H8/300H CPU cores as their core and equipped with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) controller/driver. This device is a new member of H8/300H Super Low Power Series employing the technique of Super Low Power microcomputer which has the advantage of low power consumption and low voltage operation, and is suitable for use in battery-powered equipment.
On-chip peripheral functions include timers such as 16bit timer pulse unit, asynchronous event counter (AEC) and real-time clock (RTC), and two channels of serial communication interfaces and I2 C bus interface which make it possible to respond to the system which needs I/F with external EEPROM, etc.
Furthermore, H8/38086F has a delta sigma type A/D converter with high-precision A/D conversion capability, for use in measuring instruments such as electric power meters and consumer products such as glucose meters that require high-precision A/D conversion.

Key Features:

  • On-chip low-voltage flash memory
  • World class low-power consumption
  • Much shorter oscillator stabilization time (than previous models)
  • On-board debugging function
  • Small package(7mm square)
  • Reduced electromagnetic noise emission and improved noise immunity

Key Applications:

Healthcare goods, power meters, scales and digital consumer products

Product Lineup:


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