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H8 Family



The H8 Family provides extensive support for customer system requirements, with an expanding range of low cost products with high-level peripheral functions and features such as low power consumption.




The H8/300 Series are high-speed processors featuring powerful bit-manipulation instructions, ideally suited for real-time control applications.

H8/3217 | H8/3297 | H8/3337(H8/3337, H8/3397) | H8/3437


H8/300H MCUs deal efficiently with high volumes of data using an embedded 512KB Flash microcomputer. High compatibility with the H8/300 allows greater efficiency, making them ideal command systems. The H8/300H family of microcontrollers are 16-bit MCUs integrated around original Renesas H8/300H CPU cores.

H8/3001 | H8/3002 | H8/3003 | H8/3004(H8/3004, H8/3005) | H8/3006(H8/3006, H8/3007) | H8/3008 | H8/3022(H8/3020, H8/3021, H8/3022) | H8/3024(H8/3024, H8/3026) | H8/3028(H8/3028, H8/3028F) | H8/3029 | H8/3032(H8/3030, H8/3031, H8/3032) | H8/3035(H8/3033, H8/3034, H8/3035) | H8/3039(H8/3036, H8/3037, H8/3038, H8/3039) | H8/3042(H8/3040, H8/3041, H8/3042) | H8/3048(H8/3044, H8/3045, H8/3047, H8/3048) | H8/3048B | H8/3052B | H8/3062(H8/3060, H8/3061, H8/3062) | H8/3067(H8/3065, H8/3066, H8/3067) | H8/3068 | H8/3069R

H8/300H Tiny

The H8/300H Series is built around a 32-bit H8/300H CPU core with sixteen 16-bit registers, a concise, optimized instruction set designed for high-speed operation, and a 16-Mbyte linear address space. For easy migration from the H8/300 Series, the instruction set is upwards-compatible with the H8/300 Series at the object-code level. Programs coded in the high-level language C can be compiled to high-speed executable code. This manual gives details of the H8/300H CPU instructions and can be used with all microcontrollers in the H8/300H Series. For hardware details, refer to the relevant microcontroller hardware manual.

H8/36109 | H8/36077, H8/36079 | H8/36087 | H8/36064 | H8/36049 | H8/36037, H8/36057 | H8/36014, H8/36024 | H8/36912, H8/36902 | H8/36094 | H8/3694 | H8/3687 | H8/3672 | H8/3664


The H8/300L Series is a series of single-chip microcomputers (MCU: microcomputer unit), built around the high-speed H8/300L CPU and equipped with peripheral system functions on-chip.

H8/3627 | H8/3637 | H8/3644 | H8/3657 | H8/3714 | H8/3814 | H8/3834 | H8/3834U

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